Blue Collar Elk Hunting

EP 79: BCEA Launches, Elk Movements & Listener's Q&A

August 03, 2020 Gilbert Ornelas, Joe Giglia, Leroy Chavez Season 2 Episode 79
Blue Collar Elk Hunting
EP 79: BCEA Launches, Elk Movements & Listener's Q&A
Show Notes

It's getting close y'all because our listener's questions keep rolling in and the conversations are full of nuggets, revelations and even some controversy. Are elk always moving from bedding down to the bottoms to feed? Can you find elk in the same place from rifle to archery season? Understanding elk call devices.  What to do when having to care for meat and a great question concerning the fear of getting lost.

Also, a special announcement concerning the release of the ElkBros first Training Camp from the Blue Collar Elk Academy.

On Today’s Edition of Blue Collar Elk Hunting, this episode is inspired by the questions rolling in from our listeners and your coaches are in the house and taking on each one in hopes of helping alleviate uneasiness. 
Tonight we discuss:

  • Do elk always bed high and feed low? 
  • Finding elk in the same places from Archery to Rifle seasons
  • Diaphragm calls and grunt tubes explained
  • Field dressing mistakes and processes
  • Elk migration in Southwest states
  • Limiting hunting time because of fears of getting lost.


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