Blue Collar Elk Hunting

EP 115: Elk Hunting Rosies vs Rockies with Tony Wintrip

April 12, 2021 Gilbert Ornelas, Joe Giglia, Leroy 'Chav" Chavez, Luis Gonzalez, Manuel 'Manano' Grateron, Tony Wintrip Season 3 Episode 115
Blue Collar Elk Hunting
EP 115: Elk Hunting Rosies vs Rockies with Tony Wintrip
Show Notes

Rosies vs Rockies. Stories, Experiences, Differences and Similarities of hunting the two subspecies. What is it that the Die-Hard Rosie hunters know that gives them an advantage in their elk woods? Do those techniques hurt them in the Rocky Elk Woods?

Special Guest, the ElkSinger himself, Tony Wintrip joins the ElkBros Coaching Staff
to add his Pacific NorthWest elk hunting expertise to tonight's topic. Tony has taken over 23 elk with his bow in the last 20 years and not only has the skillsets, but understand the ins and outs of successfully hunting Roosevelt elk.

No stone unturned as we talk about Hunting Styles, Strategies, Calling, Terrain Differences, Weather Considerations, Gear, Equipment, Strategy Focuses, target animals and scenario goals at different times of the year. It's one heck of a discussion with tons of info. And Tony shares some live music as a special treat! Hope you enjoy the episode!

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