Blue Collar Elk Hunting

EP 118: Hunt Opportunity of a Lifetime with Hunt Warz - InSights Edition

April 30, 2021 Joe Giglia, Troy Goeckeritz Season 3 Episode 118
Blue Collar Elk Hunting
EP 118: Hunt Opportunity of a Lifetime with Hunt Warz - InSights Edition
Show Notes

You're on a public land elk hunt and you pull up and already there are a couple of other hunters at the trail head. Each of you excited for the hunt. Heading out to hunt somewhere along the next whatever miles of forest in front of you. Inside, you smile at the challenge of filling that tag, at being the better hunter.

Have you ever asked yourself or wondered where your hunting skill set would measure up compared to other hunters? What if you had the chance to do just that, AND on a dream hunt with your tags, license, food and shelter ALL payed for!  AND, you also had the chance at thousands of dollars of prizes in addition!

On today's InSights edition, meet Troy Goeckeritz and HUNT WARZ. The man behind a new hunting competition tv show LIKE NOTHING OUT THERE. Real everyday hunters like you and me on actual hunts. Having to use their skill sets on a quest to out-hunt other competitors.

We also talk about a new exciting partnership with ElkBros becoming the Official Coaching and Training Staff as well as the Official Online Elk Hunt Training Course for Hunt Warz.

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Hunt Warz -  Everyday, Hunters. You, me... anyone! Free hunt of a lifetime. Incredible Prizes. The Most Unbelievable Hunting Competition EVER! Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

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