Blue Collar Elk Hunting

An Archery Hunter's Journey - Time Behind the String with Western Contours

June 21, 2021 Guy Duplantier, Joe Giglia, Michael Batease, Chad Ryker, Garrett Weaver, Kyle Davidson, Cesar Moreno Season 3 Episode 126
Blue Collar Elk Hunting
An Archery Hunter's Journey - Time Behind the String with Western Contours
Show Notes

On today’s episode of Blue Collar Elk Hunting, we are going to share a collaborative show recorded by Guy Duplantier of the Western Contours Podcast. First of all, if your not listening to Western Contours, you need to go right now and subscribe. Guy is phenomenal and his show has been on the ElkBros playlist since we started this whole adventure. It’s top of the line, So go check him out. 

Archery can consume you from tech advances, to an impressive amount of options in gear, components and all the different methodologies. But there's some factors that hold true no matter if your team high FOC, all about the speed, shooting on a daily basis or a couple months before season. To be a proficient archer its about time behind the string.

In this Collaborative Podcast, Guy Duplantier of Western Contours sits down with Michael Batease, Kyle Davidson, Joe Giglia, Jim Huntsman, Cesar Moreno, Chad Ryker and Garrett Weaver and discuss what and why we do what we do, in a nut shell its about what works for us, our scenarios and putting the time in to perfect our archery as individuals. Enjoy the episode.

These guys all put out great content and information to help us in our pursuits. Follow the links below:

Kyle Davidson: @dcacustomarrows 

Garrett Weaver: @onpointwithgarrettweaver

Michael Batease: @elkcallingacademy (ECA eps)

Chad Ryker: @backcountryrookies 

Jim Huntsman: @thewesternhuntsman

Guy Duplantier: @westerncontours

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