Blue Collar Elk Hunting

EP 128: Elk Hunting & Controlling The Uncontrollable

July 05, 2021 Gilbert Ornelas, Joe Giglia, Leroy 'Chav" Chavez, Luis Gonzalez, RC Knox, Cole Wilks, Eric Aragon Season 3 Episode 128
Blue Collar Elk Hunting
EP 128: Elk Hunting & Controlling The Uncontrollable
Show Notes

So many elk hunting opportunities are blown by those things, behaviors and events that are out of our control. Or are they? From how an elk reacts or behaves in a given situation or set-up, to other hunters, the weather, the conditions, moon phase or other reasons. But what if we told you that those things are not as uncontrollable as most people think?

On todays episode, you get a chance to first to meet the newest addition to the ElkBros Coaching Staff. From there,  your coaches talk about what makes a situation "uncontrollable" and how you can develop options to be in more control than you think. They also give up visual examples, that you can view on their YouTube Channel, of controlling the uncontrollable during a 3 man setup.

That topic as well as ElkBros Mailbox questions concerning:
- Hunting Beetle kill
- Finding your shot placement on a broadside bull

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